After her adventures in the previous game, Raidy continues her adventures, with the three monsters Fonfon, Tiss and Folles following behind her, upset at having lost their home in the dungeon. They head to the crime-ridden town of Vice, where Raidy hopes to get help from the local Thieves' Guild. When the four are unable to pay for their meal at an inn, they get in big trouble. The only way to pay off the debt and get their weapons back is to enter a dungeon and remove an evil alchemist who's been kidnapping the humans in the town to perform experiments on them...

Once again Raidy must enter a series of mazes and defeat wandering monsters and evil bosses who do naughty things if she loses. But this time there's a new twist: a magical item that allows Raidy to merge with one other individual, allowing the creation of a new being with new strengths that are suitable to take on this new challenge. This game uses the "sex if you win, sex if you lose" system to ensure you have fun, no matter what happens. The game also has animated sex scenes, and is 100% uncensored, with no material removed at all.

A great new sequel to the original Lightning Warrior Raidy and Lightning Warrior Raidy II, this new game has great new game features for your hentai enjoyment, new magical items, and of course new ecchi ways to punish your enemies (or be punished, if you lose).



A female warrior who controls the power of lightning.
She is strong-willed and hates losing, but has a gentle side as well. Constantly in good spirits, when she has a goal in mind she's the type who pursues it straight to the end.
Her ultimate attack is the Thunder Slash, and she considers the yellow bandana she wears to be her trademark style.


The dark elf who is the boss from the original Cubist tower.


The beautiful werewolf who appeared in the original Raidy game.


The dangerous boss from third floor of the original Cubist tower.

Lightning Warrior
Raidy III

Available from JAST USA in both Digital Download and Package Edition versions

The limited edition includes a deluxe game box, the game on DVD-ROM, 12 collectable game cards and an illustrated game manual

Littlewitch Package

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